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高橋ケ無 / Drums,Noise

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Sohey / Contrabass,E.bass

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hoshijima / Vocal,Guitar



2016年は実験的インストプロジェクトSOUR experimentとして活動。本年結成15年を迎え、より豊かに、更に磨き上げられたアンサンブルを届け続ける。

アルバム「EVERY UNDONE DAWN」をミト(クラムボン)プロデュース、美濃隆章(toe)エンジニアリングにてリリース。恵比寿リキッドルーム公演(w/toe)をSOLD OUT。


世界的ダンスカンパニーDAZZLEと共同公演「Moon Shot」を行い同名DVDリリース。

ギターマガジン主催「One on One」(w/ぺトロールズ@渋谷o-west)、SYNCHRONICITY 2014等出演。海外公演(香港・台湾・中国)も敢行。

SOUR formed in 2002 at Tokyo,Japan.
hoshijima (gut guitar,voice) was born in France,grew up in UK.
Sohey (upright bass,bass) was born and grew up in Ginza,Japan.
Ken Takahashi (drums/noise) was born in Germany,grew up in Spain.

They plays organic,mellow,urban alternative music.

SOUR’s Demo CD has recorded top sales for 2months in Shimokitazawa record shop.
Then they debut in 2007.
SOUR released 2nd Album “EVERY UNDONE DAWN” in 2008,
It was produced by Mito(clammbon),and engineered by Takaaki Mino(toe).
Music video of “tone of everyday” recorded over 4million access in Youtube,became worldwide hit.
Then they released “mirror” as interactive music video, and experienced project with SONY VAIO brand.
They released newest album “LIFE AS MUSIC” in 2013 from Space Shower Networks.
It was mixed by Dub Master X.
And they used 189 spinning CD disc for Music video “Life is Music” as Phenakistoscope animation.

SOUR is just walking their own way straight,not belonging to existing music scene.